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Name: Bailey Blaise

Age: no comment

Location: New York City

Background: a sassy only child from the "Best Small Town in America" who spent 13 years in catholic school, 8 years on a nationally ranked competitive cheerleading team, and 18 years in a home where Jimmy Buffett was the unofficial religion

Occupation: actor (in another life probably an archaeologist or an auditor)

Education: B.A. in Musical Theatre from the University of Alabama (and 3 credits shy of a B.S. in Political Science - damn you, Public Policy 370!!!); Master's in Business from the University of Missouri

Small Pleasures: cobblestone streets, anything written by Joan Didion, the sound of an orchestra tuning up, dive bars, summer thunderstorms, the word "tchotchke", being in the mountains, oxford commas, the moment in a movie when they say the title, peeling garlic, cursive writing, unexpectedly hearing Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams"

Been Described As: "the ideal midwestern girl-next-door on the outside, with big city confidence and a serious aversion to bullsh*t on the inside"

"You walk around like you’ve always been taller than all the boys.”

"Purple. You're very purple." <-- a questionable street psychic told me this, but I dig it and agree


in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 
at the Fulton Theatre


back in
New York City
(a nomad no longer)


Stay tuned..

"In a show about triple threats -- dancer, singer, actor --[Blaise] speaks volumes without a word. ... For overtly flirtatious Sheila, [Blaise] finessed nuances, showing us the wounded romantic beneath the rogue. Her almost-mended heart beats through curves and curls, smirks and innuendo. [Blaise's] lead in to the “At the Ballet” trio is a balanced tragic-comic knockout, letting enough light in to show why Sheila needs escape."

 -Mark Hughes Cobb, Tuscaloosa News

    (on Blaise as Sheila in A Chorus Line)



Bailey Blaise - Headshot.jpg
Bailey Blaise - Resume (1).jpg
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"Bailey Blaise was giddy as Evelyn Nesbit, and she brought a splash of lightheartedness to the show in each of her scenes."


-Utah Theatre Bloggers Association

2022 Michael & Jan Finlayson Acting Award Recipient
for her work at the
Utah Shakespeare Festival
"Among the white characters, Judy Sears (played by Bailey Blaise) is the most interesting. Blaise allowed the character’s initial naivety to drop away, and it was gratifying to see Judy learn how to listen to her co-workers’ firsthand experiences with racism."
-Utah Theatre Bloggers Association

Nominated for a regional Broadway World award for 

Best Supporting Actress in a Play

for her work as Honey in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 

at The Fulton Theatre


Officially moved back to New York City


Closed an incredible run at the Fulton Theatre after 7 months and 3 productions - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, The Play That Goes Wrong, and White Christmas




Screen Shot 2022-06-11 at 9.47_edited.jpg


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