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NOVEMBER 2023 //

Blaise has been nominated for a 2022 regional BroadwayWorld award!

Best Supporting Actress in a Play for Honey in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? at the Fulton Theatre

AUGUST 2023 //

Fulfilled a long time goal and began studying at the legendary Bob Krakower Studio in NYC

JULY 2023 //

After an incredible 7 months at the beautiful Fulton Theatre, I'm (finally) moving back to New York City!

MARCH 2023 //

We have opened​ Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? at The Fulton Theatre!

*click here to watch our promo video

*click here to read our review

FEBRUARY 2023 //

Dreams really are coming true with this one...

HONEY in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? at The Fulton Theatre

JANUARY 2023 //

Fell in love with Lancaster, PA  & The Fulton Theatre... so let's stick around a little longer, shall we?

SANDRA (u/s) in The Play That Goes Wrong

NOVEMBER 2022 //

Blaise has been nominated for a 2022 regional BroadwayWorld award!

Best Supporting Actress in a Play for Judy Sears in Trouble in Mind at the Utah Shakespeare Festival

NOVEMBER 2022 //

We have officially opened White Christmas at the Fulton Theatre

*click here for a sneak peak of the show

OCTOBER 2022 //

Back  in NYC for all of 2 seconds BUT got new headshots (finally) with the ever incredible Corey Rives... 

*click here for a little preview


The ink is dry - and I'm officially trading Mormon country for Amish country - as I head out to Lancaster, PA for the holiday season...

Rita/Ensemble (*u/s Judy Haynes) 

in White Christmas at The Fulton Theatre

*icing on the cake - I'll be performing the role of Judy for the final week of performances!


18 years of Catholic school has certainly prepared me for this... a last minute twist of fate, I'm jumping into The Sound of Music again - but this time as a postulant (baby nun). Back to Austria I go!

JULY 2022 //

It truly is the year of the understudy - and this time it's for a show that's incredibly near and dear to my heart...

Instead of waking up to my alarm, I woke up to a phone call notifying that I would be making my understudy debut in 

The Sound of Music as Elsa Schraeder 

for 3 blissful performances!

...and hey, waddaya know! I ended up being reviewed... 

"On the night we attended, the role of Elsa Schraeder was played by the understudy, Bailey Blaise. She is poised and elegant, and like the rest of the cast, has a strong and beautiful voice. Had it not been announced, there would have been no indication that she wasn’t the usual actor to play this role."

-Front Row Reviewers

JULY 2022 //

The  reviews are in for TROUBLE IN MIND...

"The acting and directing of Trouble in Mind at the Utah Shakespeare Festival are so riveting that I left the show wishing it were hours longer."

"Among the white characters, Judy Sears (played by Bailey Blaise) is the most interesting. Blaise allowed the character’s initial naivety to drop away, and it was gratifying to see Judy learn how to listen to her co-workers’ firsthand experiences with racism."

"At the end of the play, Wiletta says, 'I always wanted to do something real grand in the theater.' With Trouble in Mind, this cast has. But Trouble in Mind is more than grand: it is a tour de force."

-Utah Theatre Bloggers Association

"Utah Shakespeare Festival (Utah Shakes, USF) tells us that Trouble in Mind, a play about racism and theater in 1957, “will make you laugh, and make you think.” I will tell you that for me, it did far more. I rarely have had such an enormously profound experience as I did in Monday’s performance of Trouble in Mind. I was, in a word, gob-smacked."

-Front Row Reviewers

JULY 2022 //

The  reviews are in for CLUE...

"I love a good ensemble cast, and Clue has an extremely unified cast that met my highest expectations. Even their physicality was in perfect synchronization, such as when listening to a conversation through a door, or breaking out into a surprise dance. Every actor was generous, giving their castmates a rich performance that others could build on."

"Clue is one of those special productions where all of the components of a play — the script, the acting, the direction, the designs — come together and create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. There are no missteps in this production. Indeed, the Utah Shakespeare Festival’s production of Clue is the perfect crime."

-Utah Theatre Bloggers Association

JUNE 2022 //

12:30 PM - "Can you be here in half an hour?"

1:00 PM - First rehearsal

2:00 PM - Costume Fitting

8:00 PM - Show time!

Blaise had one hell of day and made her understudy debut as the Widow in the first preview performance of All's Well That Ends Well on the beautiful Engelstad Shakespeare Theatre stage!

JUNE 2022 //

Blaise is incredibly honored to have been awarded the...​

2022 Michael and Jan Finlayson Acting Award

for her work at the Utah Shakespeare Festival

MAY 2022 //

Returning to the Utah Shakespeare Festival for her third summer/fall season! This time for 5 months of...

YVETTE in Clue

JUDY SEARS in Trouble in Mind

APRIL 2022 //

Heading back to the Central Coast*cries tears of joy* to join Opera San Luis Obispo...​


FEBRUARY 2022 //

After years of admiring the wonderful Natalie Dormer (and in particular wanting to tackle three of her iconic roles - Anne Boleyn, Margaery Tyrell, and Irene Adler), Blaise is getting to cross one fierce lady off her bucket list... at the Hunterdon Hills Playhouse...


IRENE ADLER in Sherlock Holmes Returns! 

JULY 2021 //

The reviews are in! Utah Theatre Bloggers Association said about Ragtime:

"The cast and crew of Ragtime have achieved a level of excellence rarely seen on stage."

"Bailey Blaise was giddy as Evelyn Nesbit, and she brought a splash of lightheartedness to the show in each of her scenes."

MAY 2021 //

Just can't stay away from the Utah Shakespeare Festival for very long... but this time Blaise gets to work on one of her all-time favorite musicals while playing a truly remarkable historical figure (another one off the bucket list)...


STANLEY SISTER in The Pirates of Penzance

FEBRUARY 2021 //

Unfortunately, this touring production was cancelled due to Covid-19... BUT the Utah Shakespeare Festival was able to produce a filmed version of this fully staged Shakespeare classic. Blaise is grateful AF for the opportunity to play both of these kick-ass roles...


COVID *wah wah* //

Sigh. What to even say here.....

All things considered, this time was well spent reconnecting with family, honing new skills, and watching a hell ton of  TV. 

HIGHLIGHTS: set up a voiceover studio, got my sailing certification, perfected my knife skills (thank you Gordon Ramsay masterclass)


When opportunity knocks... you answer that damn door and offer it a beverage.


Blaise moved back to NYC! Little did she (or the rest of the world) know what was to come....

*SPOILER ALERT: it rhymes with "shovid"

MAY 2019 //

Major excitement! First season at the Utah Shakespeare Festival... and five incredible months in the mountains of Utah doing...

ENSEMBLE/u/s MRS. POTIPHAR in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat


(aaaaaand understudying a dream role in a dream show)

u/s ALICE HEMINGES in The Book of Will

MARCH 2019 //

Holy cow, a show with one billion production numbers (and some seriously cute costumes)... Blaise is dancing her booty off at Musical Theatre West...

FEMALE ENSEMBLE in Catch Me If You Can

FEBRUARY 2019 //

Back to Musical Theatre Guild in L.A. & spending some time with the Marx brothers...

MISS EIFFEL TOWER in Minnie's Boys

NOVEMBER 2018 //

Falling in love with Ventura, California while doing a Rogers and Hammerstein classic - and surrounded by the most breathtaking sunsets I've ever seen (as well as eating the best fish tacos I've ever tasted) - at Rubicon Theatre...

ENSIGN RITA ADAMS in South Pacific

OCTOBER 2018 //

First show in L.A. (whoop whoop) and revisiting a long lost musical classic with Musical Theatre Guild...


JULY 2018 //

Incredibly fortunate to have found an artistic home & to study acting with Gregory Berger-Sobeck & Desean Terry at Berg Studios in L.A.

JUNE 2018 //


Moved to Los Angeles, California.

*evidently watched "La La Land" one too many times*

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